Gentle Giant – “Three Piece Suite”

71d+yP-67WL._SL1200_There are two very obvious things involved with this album. One is that Gentle Giant are incredible. The second is that Steven Wilson is great at remixing. The sad thing about “Three Piece Suite” is that the songs on it are just a sampling of Gentle Giant’s first three albums: “Gentle Giant,” “Acquiring the Taste” and “Three Friends.” Since the original masters were lost for most of those albums, “Three Piece Suite” is what we are left with but wow, it is worth it!

For as much as I love Gentle Giant, I always felt the first two albums would benefit the most from remixing and with “Three Piece Suite,” I think that becomes quite clear. That’s not to say that the ones from “Three Friends” don’t. What happens is that this levels the playing field, if you will. Wilson essentially creates a new album around these mixes. The songs sound like they are from the same sessions which puts them all in a whole new light in the process.

I like that “Freedom’s Child” is included as well. It’s an outtake and I knew of it from the compilation “Under Construction” which has a TON of unreleased bits. Here, the song is given a brand new lease on life and becomes an official part of the canon. It fits in perfectly and makes for a nice bonus track too.

Another interesting addition is Wilson’s edit of “Nothing at All.” I know that prog isn’t about radio edits but this edit shows that this song would have made a good single if done this way. It’s a cool edit and I even played it on my weekly radio show (Sundays at 10am Eastern, 3pm UK on The only issue is that after listening to these glorious remixes, you really wish the rest of the songs could have been remixed as well. Still, “Three Piece Suite” makes for an excellent introduction to those who don’t know Gentle Giant and also an essential addition for long time fans of this great band.


  1. Giant
  2. Nothing At All
  3. Why Not
  4. Pantagruel’s Nativity
  5. The House, The Street, The Room
  6. Schooldays
  7. Peel The Paint
  8. Mr. Class And Quality?
  9. Three Friends
  10. Freedom’s Child

Label: Alucard

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1 Response to Gentle Giant – “Three Piece Suite”

  1. progbeawr831 says:

    I’ve always said that if King Arthur could have had a house band it would have been Gentle Giant all the way.
    They really gotta a bad deal in the late 70’s from their record label and went a bit too “pop” for radio friendly airplay and I feel they probably felt betrayed by their label and themselves for doing it. A very much underrated band and loads of talented members. Gonna play some now after reading this! Good Call! Freehand…. you’re up!

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