Terria – “Horizons” EP

TerriaTerria is the project of bassist extraordinaire Rashaan Lacey. Lacey recruited some top notch guitarists in Alek Darson, Alden Marchand and Dave Zuckerman along with drummer Hadrien Pierson for his debut 5 track EP “Horizons.” Terria are definitely prog metal and thankfully not djent. It seems too many instrumental prog metal acts have to incorporate some djent.

Instead, Lacey gives PLENTY of room for these guitarists to roam. And while that’s admirable and modest, the EP is even more interesting when Lacey steps to the fore and there’s a bit more room in the mix for all players. The title track leads off and this is probably the weakest track, and not because it’s a bad track. Not at all! But it’s more about Darson’s shredding and a thick layer of rhythm guitar work. Plus there’s too many voice samples which (as everyone who reads my reviews knows) is not something I enjoy.

However, from that point on things get really, really good. “Water’s Edge” has an oft-kilter riff that I love and finally we get to hear some top notch bass playing from Lacey. It has some very tasty bass lines all through the track. “Nova” is my favorite track though because it has some supple bass licks that lead to a more aggressive rattle later on. I LOVE a good bass rattle. Too many bassists forget just how bad ass that sounds. The key here is that there’s more space for each player.

As for epics, “Mangrove” is even more aggressive than any track previous with great drumming from Pierson. I also like the keys that are used more as an accent through out the EP but especially on this track. The song has a great main riff and it also builds nicely before receding back to the main riff. Plus the atmospheric section on the track is a nice change of pace. “Core” is an 8 minute plus track which gives Lacey a chance to start the riffing.

I will admit that I’ve love Lacey’s bass to be even further up in the mix, ala Alberto Rigoni. But credit to him for making sure this was more of a band sound than a bassist just showing off his skills. Regardless, this is some very tight and technical playing. The riffs are strong and memorable overall. The “Horizons” EP is a nice calling card from Terria for what hopefully will be a love letter on a full length album.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Terria
2. Water’s Edge
3. Nova
4. Mangrove
5. Core

Bandcamp: projectterria.bandcamp.com

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