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Jasun Martz – “Solo Exhibition – A Retrospective: The Pillory”

Originally released in 1978, “The Pillory” was the 42 minute experiment by the multi-talented Jasun Martz. Now all these years later it is part of a box set covering the many different works of this eclectic composer and artist. All … Continue reading

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Byzantine – “The Cicada Tree”

Most reviews on this site are either requested by bands or releases that I receive from labels or PR agents. This review is not that. I like when an album that I buy impresses me enough to WANT to write … Continue reading

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Unicorn – “A Collection of Worlds – Resurrection”

I guess I should start with a disclaimer. Dan Swanö is a genius in my book, so factor that in as you read this review! This release is unlike anything Dan has done before. Unicorn was his prog band that … Continue reading

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Freaky Jelly – “Reverse”

For starters, Brazilian band Freaky Jelly have one of the worst names I’ve seen. It ranks right up there with Bad Salad! I realize that the good names are all gone and yeah I guess most of the boring ones … Continue reading

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World Trade – “Unity”

A lot of people know who Billy Sherwood is nowadays. He is in the “Drama” version of Yes, having replaced the late, great Chris Squire on bass. He also has a band with former Yes keyboardist Tony Kaye called Circa: … Continue reading

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Galactic Cowboys return with original line up and first album in 17 years!!

Here is the official press release. I am REALLY excited for this. I got into this band right from their self titled album on. I saw them open for Dream Theater in 1993. They’ve been missed…by many I think!   … Continue reading

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