Monster Magnet – “Tab” & “Spine of God” reissues

As many people know, I am a huge Monster Magnet fan. I got into them around the time of “Superjudge” and have loved everything Dave Wyndorf and company have done since. Along the way, I did go back and pick up both pre-“Superjudge” albums, “Tab” and “Spine of God.” “Tab” is the epitome of space rock while “Spine of God” pointed the direction that the band would subsequently go in, stoner rock mixed with some space rock.

Both of these albums have needed an remaster and really a new mix as well. Unfortunately, Napalm Records is just re-issuing both on vinyl and CD. It’s cool for the folks who missed out on the vinyl but I was really hoping they would let Dave remix both of these. He did a really great job with the alternate mixes of the last two albums so this seemed like a no brainer to me!

“Tab” always sounded great to me but a new mix would be wild. “Spine of God” does sound like it was remastered since the original version I have wasn’t all that great sounding to me. Regardless, both albums are essential space rock albums in my book. My hope is that this re-issue process leads to “Superjudge” getting a remix (much needed). But who knows? I also hope these re-issues lead to a new found appreciation for a truly great band!

Label: Napalm Records


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