HellHaven – “Anywhere Out of the World”

hellhavenHellHaven are a Polish progressive metal band that have all the elements you need to be successful. They are a band that definitely can play. Sebastian Najder can sing in tune. The music is heavy but not too heavy. The songs are melodic but not to the point of being poppy. Yet there’s just something missing when I listen to “Anywhere Out of the World” and it’s rather strange.

In theory, I feel like I should love this album but instead I tend to find it rather bland. While Najder can sing, there are moments where his tone is off putting and many times he is overly dramatic and too over the top for the music. While the songs are indeed solid, they never really GRAB me. The title track is missing a killer chorus. “Ever Dream This Man?” has a very awkward melody and yes Najder over does the vocal which makes it harder to listen to.

The orchestral parts of “First Step Is The Hardest” are a highlight but the vocals (again) don’t fit the music. “Res Sacra Miser” is another decent track but it doesn’t flow as well as it could. The 9 plus minute closer “The Dawn & Possibility Of An Island” is a solid mini epic and shows what HellHaven can do which makes me wonder why the band isn’t more consistent.

I think “Anywhere Out of the World” is a solid album but far from something I’d listen to again. There’s too much prog metal out there that sounds better than HellHaven. If you are a fan of melodic prog metal, you might enjoy this album but proceed with caution.

Rating: 5.5/10

1. Anywhere Out Of The World
2. Ever Dream This Man?
3. First Step Is The Hardest
4. 21 Grams
5. Res Sacra Miser
6. They Rule The World
7. Overview Effect
8. On Earth As It Is In Heaven
9. The Dawn & Possibility Of An Island

Label: Pronet Music
Bandcamp: pronetrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hellhaven-anywhere-out-of-the-world

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