newspaperflyhunting – “Wastelands”

a0381515272_16newspaperflyhunting are aptly named. And no I don’t mean they are terrible like their name. Basically if you take each word, it makes sense on its own. Put it all together and it’s confusing. That’s the situation with newspaperflyhunting and their album “Wastelands.”

The basics of their sound is shoegaze and post rock. The problem is that the band don’t do a good job of blending the two. There will be a riff that is clear post rock, the title track for example but it never really kicks in. The band sound REALLY tentative when it comes to their own riffs. Elsewhere, the vocals are almost childlike which can be okay for shoegaze but on tracks like “A Question,” it just gets on my nerves a bit.

The album actually starts REALLY well with “We Used to Wander.” Sadly the song is too short. It could use a simple guitar solo and another round of the chorus. It really ends too soon. That might be the highlight of the album for me. The band seem determined not to keep on a steady path which is admirable but just confusing to the listener.

They even attempt a proggy, jazzy maneuver during the song “Sleep” but it sounds more like the band have no idea what they are doing. Why do bands think jazz can be sloppy? The big draw to the album is the massive closing track “Solaris” but the problem is that it sounds a bit too much like Porcupine Tree. I mean it sounds EXACTLY like “Anesthetize” to me.

And yes, newspaperflyhunting is another terrible band name. But there are some good moments on this album. It just seems like a band that really isn’t sure which direction to go in so they just go in EVERY direction. Maybe, newspaperflyhunting should settle on being a PT cover band.

Rating: 4/10

1. We Used to Wander
2. Wasteland
3. A Question
4. Down the Steps
5. Sleep
6. Equal to None
7. Hours Pass
8. Solaris


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