Ghost Toast – “Out of This World”

ghost-toastI can’t recall the last time that I ran across an album so wildly inconsistent as “Out of This World” by Ghost Toast. Before getting into that, I need to point out how terrible the band’s name is. Are we actually out of good names? I mean Ghost Toast is really bad.

Ok back to the album. “Out of This World” starts off SOOOOO great with the first two tracks, “Ka Mai” and “Gordius.” Both songs have KILLER riffs, time changes here and there and just sound great overall. Each time I have listened to the album, I think “wow, this is going to get a great review!” Yes I think that even though I’ve heard the whole thing a few times. That’s how great these two songs are.

Sadly, the euphoria ends after those two tracks. That’s not to say there are some good moments after that. Basically, “Out of This World” is like having multiple bands on one album. I don’t mind bands that switch it up a little, track to track, but things get real confusing real fast!

“Alia” is a soft, ambient song with REALLY loud whispers that are so loud, I have to turn down the volume so that I can’t hear the music that well. Add in that the music never goes anywhere, the track is nearly unlistenable for me. “The Dragon’s Tail” is a heavily orchestrated, soundtrack-like song complete with some dude yelling like he is Spartacus. I have no clue why the song is on the album either.

OK so by this point, I am wondering if I have tracks from different bands by mistake. “Minotaur” actually attempts to merge the ambient side with the sound on the first two tracks. The problem is that the song doesn’t kick in until the mid point and the ambient intro goes on too long for me.

“Kaia” and “Ishvara” are similar tracks, also different from the rest of the album. Each have a Middle Eastern/Far Eastern vibe with female vocals. Did I mention that Ghost Toast is an instrumental band from Hungary? They are. I’d expect songs like this from My Sleeping Karma on a bad day. “Last Man” sounds like OSI but only if the samples are too loud and too often. That tends to be an issue. The mix pushes any vocal (sample or human) too far up in the mix.

“Pawn of Fate” is more like the first two tracks, though shorter. It does wind down nicely and would have made a great closing track if the entire middle of the album hadn’t gone in so many directions. It’s a shame that the band seem to have to do so many things on one album. Maybe listeners will be into the “experimental” nature of this. For me, it’s more akin to general confusion than actual experimentation.

Rating: 6.5/10 (first two songs get a perfect score)

1. Ka Mai
2. Gordius
3. Alia
4. The Dragon’s Tail
5. Minotaur
6. Kaia
7. Last Man
8. Ishvara
9. Pawn of Fate

Label: Inverse Records


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