Uneven Structure – “La Partition”

Uneven_Structure_La_Partition_printFrance’s Uneven Structure released a great debut album in 2011 called “Februus.” It was a great balance of djent-infused prog metal and ethereal atmosphere. Since then the band re-issued their experimental EP “8” but that’s been it. The band has retooled their lineup and now finally are releasing their second full length album “La Partition.”

I was really interested to see what direction the band would be going. While “La Partition” has some of the same elements as their first release, they are leaning more toward atmosphere. “La Partition” does have each track segueing into the next which is very cool and something the band has already done. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Granted, pieces like “Groomed And Resting” are more transitional filler than song. But I do understand why the band does it.

The polyrhythms are still there as well. But at times new drummer Arnaud Verrier is a bit too hyper-kinetic. Some of the songs just need a nice groove rather than over playing. He can actually get lost in the mist of all that’s going on. There are a lot of layers of sound and sadly the mix isn’t strong enough. It’s actually not bottom heavy enough. Many of the sounds seem to bleed into each other which makes it very hard to separate the guitars from the synths. Bassist Benoit Friedrich is all but lost in the mix.

Vocalist Matthieu Romarin still uses his harsh vocal a lot better than his clean vocal, but I did expect that. His melodies are good but not really memorable. Musically, the band have SOME really good moments like “Incube” and “Succube” but again, the mix really sounds like mud. This music is supposed to be really dynamic and it deserves to sound it.

I have to say that after such a promising debut album like “Februus,” it’s a shame that this album is more about what could have been and what the band is TRYING to do than the actual results. I suppose if you view “La Partition” as the direction or path the band are taking, I am hopeful for their future. Until then, can someone remix this album?

Rating: 5.5/10


1. Alkaline Throat
2. Brazen Tongue
3. Crystal Teeth
4. Groomed And Resting
5. Incube
6. Succube
7. Funambule
8. Greeted And Dining
9. The Bait
10. Our Embrace
11. Your Scent

Label: Long Branch Records
Facebook: www.facebook.com/unevenstructure

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  1. Agree with the synopsis. Album was a damn squib.

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