The Fierce And The Dead – “Field Recordings”

TFATDLIVEAs a rule, I don’t normally review live albums. Why? It just seems weird to review a show that I wasn’t at, for one thing. Also, they tend to be live versions of songs you’ve heard so it’s rare to hear anything new. Did the band play well or not? That is usually all I can manage.

But with The Fierce And The Dead’s live EP” Field Recordings,” there are 2 brand new songs that were part of the set which was recorded at the oddly titled Ramblin’ Man Festival. Both “Dancing Robots” and “Verbose” are great tracks that BETTER be on the next TFATD album! “Verbose” might be the best track on this EP.

But the entire performance was a great one. The band have a very raw, live sound on their albums plus all four of them are extremely talented musicians so the results are great as I was expecting. The known tracks that were chosen were all smart choices with the short “Magnet In Your Face” being a great opening punch…in your face.

So for those who love TFATD, this makes a nice live “souvenir.” For the uninitiated, “Field Recordings” works really well as a sampler of the band at their best. They are a very adventurous, quirky band to be sure that bridge the chasm between prog technicality and a raw almost punk mentality. Now, bring on a new STUDIO album already!!

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Magnet In Your Face
  2. Ark
  3. Dancing Robots
  4. Verbose
  5. Palm Trees
  6. 666…6

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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