Lonely Robot – “The Big Dream”

636227448894315112John Mitchell is THE most underrated prog musician on the planet. There, I said it. The man is not only a great guitarist but also a talented songwriter, mixer, producer, arranger and I LOVE his husky and distinct vocal style. Consider all of the bands and projects that John has been a part of: Arena, It Bites, Kino and now his own project Lonely Robot. I am not even going to try to recall all the guest spots and contributions he has made over the years!

“The Big Dream” is the second Lonely Robot album and like the first it is conceptual but not a formal concept album. Unlike the stories that played out on “Please Come Home,” this album deals with various topics and concepts with a focus on the color green. What? “In Floral Green” is obvious anyway.

Beyond that the album SOUNDS like it’s a concept album even if it isn’t. How? Consistency. It is more consistent all the way through than it’s predecessor. The songs are all VERY strong without a lull to be found. Not a weak track and yes I do like the intro and outro, including the sampled spoken parts. I suppose this proves that John can do no wrong.

“Sigma” has one of the best choruses you will hear, catchy as hell. On the other end, the title track is an epic instrumental which on its own makes the album worth buying! But again, every song on the album is really strong. The vibe on “THe Big Dream” feels more 70s than 80s. Since John has really done the whole 80s vibe with both It Bites and even on “Please Come Home,” the 70s vibe on this album is a nice change and gives it a more organic feel.

To no one’s surprise, I love this album and yes perhaps I am biased since I enjoy everything John Mitchell is involved with. Special mention to drummer extraordinaire Craig Blundell who once again puts on a high light reel performance through out this album. If you like John’s previous work, “The Big Dream” is a must. If for some weird reason you’ve never encountered John’s talent, “The Big Dream” is the perfect place to start!

Rating: 9/10

1.Prologue (Deep Sleep)
4.In Floral Green
6.False Lights
8.The Divine Art Of Being
9.The Big Dream
10.Hello World Goodbye
11.Epilogue (Sea Beams)

Label: Inside Out Music
Facebook: www.facebook.com/johnchristianmitchell

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