IT – “We’re All In This Together”

ITIT are a UK prog band that remind me a LOT of fellow neo-proggers Pallas, Galahad, Arena and, to a lesser extent, IQ. If you had told me this was a new Pallas album, honestly I would have believed you. So it’s fairly easy to say that if any of those bands are on your favorites list, IT would be a band that would appeal to you.

While I do like those bands, Pallas has been on the fringe somewhat for me and IT would be as well. This is not because of talent but rather what I would call, misplaced melodrama. Bands like this rely on tension and drama to deliver their music. The problem is if it’s done in excess, it loses impact. “The boy who cried wolf” if you will.

“We’re All In This Together” kicks off with “Power” which underscores the point I was making. It’s a good song, a bit direct and would fit on an Arena album. Singer Nick Jackson does have a tendency to over play his hand. Many people will LOVE this and I don’t mind it to a degree but it gets to be a tad cheesy. “Born into Debt” sounds more like Pallas. Plenty of build up but since it’s more of a transitional track, it never explodes.

“The Working Man” sounds like a single (and it is). Nothing wrong with a catchy tune and this is one of them. The lyrics are a tad trite which is another issue I have at times. You know what’s coming. The world does suck, we’ve fucked it up and we rely on the hard work of others. “The Last Chance” falls into the same “typical” sounding trap. Musically, it’s fine but lyrically I’ve heard it before over and over.

Sadly things get a bit into the “filler” category after a while. “Gamble the Dream” isn’t anything special. “Voices” has a bit of a malaise to it. On the plus side the closer “Revolution” has some punch to it but again, the rhyming of the lyrics is a bit obvious.

To be clear, I don’t mind this album. It’s starting to sound like I hate it. Honestly, it really doesn’t hit me either way which is a problem. Having said this if you are a fan of those classic neo-prog bands, IT is a band you should check out. “We’re All In This Together” has a good sentiment to it, it just feels a little contrived.

Rating: 6/10


1. Power
2. Born Into Debt
3. The Working Man
4. Last Chance
5. Gamble The Dream
6. Voices
7. The Path of Least Resistance
8. House
9. Down The Hatch
10. Revolution

Label: Progressive Gears

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