The Bob Lazar Story – “Baritonia”

bob lazar storyBack in October of 2015, I reviewed the last release by New Zealand’s The Bob Lazar Story. “Self-Loathing Joe” was an odd EP by a very talented duo. My main complaint about that EP was that it was just an EP. 21 weird ass minutes was not enough. So here is a full length called “Baritonia.”

While mainman Matt Deacon and drummer Chris Jago are still weird at their core, “Baritonia” affords them more space (literally) to do more things. Not the least of which is to showcase their playing abilities. But this is not a noodlefest! That’s not what The Bob Lazar Story do. As with the last EP, the Zappa quotient is clear. The title track starts things out and sounds a little along the lines of Zombi, synths leading the way.

The song alludes to a more “serious” vibe. Things are more cinematic and more techincal at the same time. “LOL, Defiantly” has a lot going on. Video game like synths (they are all over the album really), thick guitars, strings, atmospheric keyboards, and an organ. It’s definitely one of my favorite tracks and hard to really describe. “Make it Like it Used to Be” reminds me a little of one of ELP’s shorter tracks both in style and vibe.

“Top Top Switcherooney, Elbow Patch Man” has a weird title but a wide open groove mixed with some twists and turns to keep it interesting, plus a tasty guitar solo from Deacon. The winner for greatest song title ever is “In The Woods With Tony Iommi” which sounds nothing like Sabbath. The track mixes acoustic guitars with those synths that have been throughout the album along with some quality drumming from Jago.

It seems like there are more synths on “Baritonia” than “Self Loathing Joe” but this is not a bad thing at all. The keys add both slight levity and atmosphere. It is interesting that it sounds like The Bob Lazar Story are taking their music a bit more seriously on this album. And then there’s the closer “Escape Tits” which sounds like a warped outtake from the last EP. It makes for a nice close to a consistent album.

Once again people, you need to check out the Bob Lazar Story. “Baritonia” feels like a band almost willing to take themselves seriously (not too much) which really pays off. It’s another great outing from a band more people need to be aware of.

Rating: 8.5/10


  1. Baritonia
  2. LOL, Defiantly
  3. Eastern Rising
  4. Make It Like It Used To Be
  5. Top Top Switcherooney, Elbow Patch Man
  6. In The Woods With Tony Iommi
  7. Relax For A Min, Yeah?
  8. YNWA,LR
  9. Blues For Foodstool
  10. Escape Tits

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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