Il Paradiso degli Orchi – “Il Corponauta”

cover_2748203182016_rIl Paradiso degli Orchi are back with their second album “Il Corponauta.” Il Paradiso degli Orchi play a blend of modern prog steeped in Rock Progressivo Italiano. The band are all great musicians and “Il Corponauta” is filled with amazing playing. I do hear a lot of PFM in their playing which is never a bad thing.

My favorite moments tend to be the instrumental breaks on songs like “Specchio.” While the vocals aren’t bad, they don’t quite live up to the promise and talent of the music. “Speccio” is a good example. The vocals on the second half of the track are solid but just lack the fire of the synth laden first half.

The album is also REALLY long which if you love good RPI, I am guessing it will work for you. To be honest, I have always been challenged by the sub genre. I respect it but it’s not something I really listen to very much. So talented bands like Il Paradiso degli Orchi fall into a “gray” area for me as a listener.

This is one of those times that I am separating my personal preference from what is clearly a great album that prog fans will find enjoyable. There’s A LOT on here. The massive epic “Deserto” and the closer “Il Gran Finale” are worth the price of admission alone! So fans of Rock Progressivo Italiano should not hesitate, “Il Corponauta” is a modern day marathon that (while exhausting) is quite an accomplishment by a talented band.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Il Mondo dei Pensieri
2. Il Corponauta
3. Silenzi
4. Specchio
5. Pioggia
6. Volare Via
7. La Stanza dei Ricordi
8. Addio al Corpo
9. Il Volo
10. Deserto
11. Il Gran Finale


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