My Soliloquy – “Engines Of Gravity”

my-soliloquyPete Morten is a very talented man. He was one of the guitarists for prog metal legends Threshold, he is the lead vocalist for Nightmare World and by trade, he is a phenomenal graphic artist. He is also the creative force behind My Soliloquy, writing all of the music, and performing all of the vocals and instruments, other than the drums (credit there goes to the talented Damian Roots).

“Engines Of Gravity” is the second album from My Soliloquy and I think it’s a big step forward from the debut album “The Interpreter.” Yes I liked the debut album a lot. But I expect even more from Pete, because well Pete is a friend and I clearly have higher expectations for friends. I can’t just “go easy” on the guy just because I like him!

Thankfully, “Engines Of Gravity” delivers beyond even what I was expecting. First off, there are enough mini epics which was somewhat lacking on the debut. Each of these tracks are actually my favorites and no it’s not just because they are longer. “A Modern Lexicon” is a slower paced number, more deliberate and the orchestration on it is amazing. In some ways, it reminds me of “Siren Sky” which Pete wrote for the Threshold album “For the Journey.”

The song also showcases Pete’s fondness for rhythmic melody lines. There are a lot of words coming at you which fits the song perfectly. “Lamentation” is the brief outro for the song and you need to listen to it to fully appreciate this suite. “The Progenitor” has probably the best chorus on the whole album. What makes the chorus work so damn well is not only how hooky it is but how slowly the verses build to it. I love this song!

On any other album, the beautiful “Confluence” would make a perfect closing track with just keyboards and one of Pete’s best vocal performances. But another one of my favorite tracks closes the album out, “The Emptying of Meaning.” And it needed to be a great song to be able to follow “Confluence.” It’s the grand finish that the album needed. Well played, Pete.

One thing that I noticed on this album was that the keyboards are every bit as strong as the guitar parts. Pete is known as a great guitarist but it’s clear that he is a tremendous keyboardist as well. So what don’t I like? Would you believe that other than the opening moments of the first track “In Bed With the Enemy,” I have no real complaints. The annoying keys that start the album made me think for a moment that the files were maybe corrupt. But once the song kicks into gear, it’s all good from there.

“Engines Of Gravity” is a great album that deserves to be heard by any prog metal fan that loves strong melodies along with technical prowess. Pete has taken it to the next level with “Engines Of Gravity.” And if you are wondering about his graphic art talents, he designed the artwork for the album (along with the debut and many other albums too!). It’s really not fair that one guy has that much talent.

Rating: 9.5/10

  1. In Bed With the Enemy
  2. Fire in the Blood
  3. A Modern Lexicon
  4. Lamentation
  5. The Progenitor
  6. A Kind of Fury
  7. Darkness is Gathering
  8. Confluence
  9. The Emptying of Meaning

Pre-order: August 14, 2017
Release Date : September 14, 2017
Label: Rare Artist Records

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I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music!
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3 Responses to My Soliloquy – “Engines Of Gravity”

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  3. John says:

    Think Pete Morten is a real Artisan of music having heard most of what he’s done. Just pre-ordered the album. Am looking forward to some real novel guitar solo’s. Think he really stands out with those!

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