Steve Hackett – “The Night Siren”

the-night-sirenSteve Hackett is back with his latest masterpiece, “The Night Siren.” While “Wolflight” was an exploration into world music and even classical, “The Night Siren” feels more like Steve returning to what I think is HIS sound while still incorporating the “experiments” from “Wolflight.” The Zeppelin-esque opener “Behind the Smoke” has not only that style (which he loves doing) but it also has an orchestral feel to it, which feels like a bridge from “Wolflight.”

“Martian Sea” is a favorite of mine, with it’s bouncing rhythm and insanely catchy chorus. I really love this fun track. “Fifty Miles from the North Pole” has a bit of a funky groove to it, which is a new area for Steve. It shows that Steve is still progressing. And it’s another VERY memorable track. The chorus veers more toward a prog vibe and thus more familiar Hackett territory. A GREAT SONG!

“El Niño” is almost tribal and does have the world music sound which was present on the last album. It has some CLASSIC Steve Hackett guitar work on the song as well, as most songs do but instrumentals give the man more room to move around. If you need a reminder why Steve Hackett is a legend, this song will do the trick.

I am going to sound like a broken record but “Other Side of the Wall” is another phenomenal song. It has one of Steve’s best vocals. It feels like “Emerald and Ash” or “Til These Eyes” in that there’s an inherent beauty to the track and it just stands out because of that. “Anything But Love” showcases Steve’s acoustic side. He is one of the few guitarists that I can identify IMMEDIATELY on the acoustic guitar.

“Inca Terra” has a Spanish flavor while “In Another Life” keeps the acoustic vibe going but is totally different from the previous ones with the latter being more folk sounding with great harmonies. “In the Skeleton Gallery” is the first single from the album and I’m sure everyone has heard the track by now. It has a big, rather vast sound to it, classic Hackett.

“West to East” is another BIG favorite of mine on the album. It’s just a well written song. The chorus is incredible. “The Gift” is a short instrumental that finishes off the album in style. All in all, “The Night Siren” will go down as one of Steve Hackett’s finest albums. Like a fine wine, the man gets better and better with age. This is a great achievement from a huge talent. Masterpiece.

Rating: 10/10


1. Behind the Smoke
2. Martian Sea
3. Fifty Miles from the North Pole
4. El Niño
5. Other Side of the Wall
6. Anything but Love
7. Inca Terra
8. In Another Life
9. In the Skeleton Gallery
10. West to East
11. The Gift

Label: Inside Out Music
Release Date: March 24, 2017

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