Pyogenesis – “A Kingdom To Disappear”

py_aktd_c_1500x1500-jpgAfter a mere 18 months, Pyogenesis are back! “A Kingdom To Disappear” is the follow up to “A Century in the Curse of Time” which I LOVE. Everything about “A Century in the Curse of Time” was epic. The songs, the production and the artwork were all tied together so perfectly. The good news is that “A Kingdom To Disappear” is essentially more of the same but in this case, that’s a GREAT thing!

It would seem that Pyogenesis have “found” themselves musically. This album (like the last) mixes hard rock, metal and prog with an emphasis on melodies and hooks. “A Kingdom To Disappear” also has the big epic track like “A Century in the Curse of Time” which serves as the climax to the whole album.

While “Everlasting Pain” might not quite be as amazing as “A Century in the Curse of Time” (the song), it’s like comparing “Close to the Edge” to “The Gates of Delirium.” You might like one a little more than the other, but you love both regardless! But the album is more than just a big closing number.

Songs like “A Kingdom To Disappear (It’s Too Late)” show just how good the band is at writing a hook. The parenthetical “it’s too late” is something you will be singing well after the song is over. “Every Man For Himself And God Against All” shows that Pyogenesis still remember their death metal roots but marry those roots with their modern melodic rock leanings. It fucking WORKS!

“I Have Seen My Soul” is another one that you will be singing along with. “I Have Seen My Soul, it’s rotten black as coal for all I see is decay.” Real cheerful shit, right? Well you will be singing that line and headbanging to the driving music. “We” is another killer, rocking song. Honestly, much like the last album, there’s no filler to be found here.

Pyogenesis have done it again! “A Kingdom To Disappear” is a worthy sequel to “A Century in the Curse of Time” and showcases a band that is clearly at the peak of all their powers. Who cares that it’s well into their career? They are more focused than ever and it shows!

Rating: 9.5/10


1. Sleep Is Good (Intro)
2. Every Man For Himself And God Against All
3. I Have Seen My Soul
4. A Kingdom To Disappear (It’s Too Late)
5. New Helvetia
6. That’s When Everybody Gets Hurt
7. We (1848)
8. Blaze, My Northern Flame
9. Everlasting Pain

Label: AFM Records

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6 Responses to Pyogenesis – “A Kingdom To Disappear”

  1. Andrew Marco says:

    awesome review, will for sure have to look them up and add them into my rotation. What are the songs that I should be listening to if this is my first time listening to them?

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  2. Andrew Marco says:

    Sounds great, I will get that on rotation for today, always looking to hear new music.

    I was wondering if you were on FB at all? We have a community of music lovers and sharers and was wondering if you’d like to share your article with them! Check us out:


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