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Mike Oldfield – “Return to Ommadawn”

After 42 years, Mike Oldfield has released a sequel to one of his finest works. “Return to Ommadawn” is exactly that, an artist going back to revisit a beloved piece of music. This sequel has the same instrumentation, arrangements and … Continue reading

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Sepultura – “Machine Messiah”

I know what you’re thinking. Why is a prog site reviewing Sepultura? For one thing, I have always liked this band. For another, their new album “Machine Messiah” is actually QUITE progressive at times. It’s also a concept album but … Continue reading

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VANGOUGH To Release Warpaint March 17th Artwork, Track Listing and Teaser Unveiled

VANGOUGH is a three-piece, American progressive metal band. Their eclectic brand of songwriting straddles the line between the familiar and the volatile – a temperamental cocktail that invites both heavy metal fans and those seeking refuge from the beaten path. … Continue reading

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Signals of Bedlam – “Escaping Velocity”

NYC’s Signals of Bedlam are a VERY talented band. However, sometimes talent isn’t enough. “Escaping Velocity” is one of those albums that starts out pretty good before essentially falling off a cliff. Stylistically, the band remind me of Tool or … Continue reading

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Prog supergroup Icefish launches crowdfunding campaign for debut album

Here’s a project that I am really looking forward to, IceFish. Here’s the background on this prog supergroup: IceFish is an NEW and exciting progressive project featuring drummer Virgil Donati (Planet X), keyboardist Alex Argento, guitarist Marco Sfogli (James LaBrie … Continue reading

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Reissue Roundup: Haken, Vanishing Point and Borealis

It’s hard to review reissues, even if some might be remixed and other might be flat out re-recordings. So rather than try to analyze each and every nuance, I thought it made more sense to address each of these under … Continue reading

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Slyde – “Back Again” EP

Being totally unfamiliar with Slyde, I have to make comparisons to launch this review of the “Back Again” EP. “Fading” opens with metallic guitar chording reminiscent of Leprous, but then bust into double-time metal in the Coheed vein. I also … Continue reading

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