Trusties – “Untouchable”

trustiesThe band is called Trusties and yes it’s not a good name. The album is called “Untouchable” and its cover is as misleading as they come. It looks like some bleak death metal album. It’s a cool cover but the music could not be further from that style. Trusties play a very upbeat pop/prog style which can be technical at times but not like Dream Theater or Yes.

Ah but is it any good? Yes and no. Much of the music and melodies on “Untouchable” are very catchy and pretty damn good, think a more metallic Moon Safari. Much like Moon Safari, Trusties can sing and the melodies are STRONG. The problem is that the album is a concept album and many songs just stick around briefly before becoming another song. It’s a bit annoying since many songs are over before you can really get into them.

The longer tracks tend to be better, “Children of the Machine” and “The Last Wish” being the clear standouts. While “A Dream I Never Had” and “Return to the Surface of the Earth” SHOULD be great tracks, there are certain parts that are annoying and off putting to me. These odd, echoing backing vocals really need to go. They pretty much forced me to avoid those tracks which is a shame because the music is great.

One shorter track that’s actually great is the introduction “Arrival From Within” which for whatever reasons reminds me of a Dream Theater instrumental, like “Overture 1928” but without the insanity. The problem with Trusties is they never QUITE live up to that introduction. It’s great that they revisit the them at the end but there are a few too many awkward moments in between. This is a very talented band that if they really harness what they are capable of, they could be fucking incredible.

Rating: 7.5/10

1. Arrival from Within
2. Slave of the Song
3. Quicksand
4. Loner in the Lonely Land
5. There’s Nothing Out There 3:18
6. Children of the Machine
7. A Grave Inside Me
8. Outside of Place and Time
9. A Dream I Never Had
10. Return to the Surface of the Earth
11. Exposed to Light
12. Room of New Life
13. The Last Wish


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