Odd Logic – “Effigy”

odd-logic-effigyLast year, I was offered to review Odd Logic’s “Penny for Your Thoughts” album by one of their fans named Table. Yes that is indeed his name! I didn’t like the album and passed on it. After that, I saw so many glowing reviews that I revisited the album not once but a few times. Each time I was reminded why I didn’t like it.

Well, Odd Logic are back and so is Table. He contacted me again telling me that the band had a followup album “Effigy” already out. Given that I didn’t like that last album and that this seemed rather fast to already have a new album, I was more than leery of it. But I decided to give it a quick listen to be fair. I was expecting to not like it, and wow was I surprised!

“Effigy” basically resolved every issues I had with Odd Logic. The songs are so much better, arrangements are much tighter and band leader Sean Thompson’s vocals are amazing on the whole record. I have no idea how things got so good, so fast but I really don’t care. The title track kicks things off and it’s an awesome epic with a ton of melody and excellent transitions and segues. That tended to plague the last album.

Now this album isn’t PERFECT. “Mercenary” has a chorus that is a little basic (SHAME, CONFESS, etc) but it’s still better than anything on the last album! Drummer Pete Hanson has a really good death vocal which just adds to the track and others. But the closing vocal section saves this track. “The Yearning” is short and pleasant which doesn’t floor me but it’s a nice piece nonetheless.

The album finishes as strong as an album could with the 10 minute “Iron Skyline” being a personal favorite. The instrumentation and Thompson’s high octane vocals make this song really soar. “Memories of Light” has a quirkiness to it that really works. Odd Logic resist the temptation to overdo the weirdness and the chorus on this track is fucking killer. The epic closer “Maiden Child” is a perfect ending to a really strong album. I LOVE the keys on this track. It features yet another strong vocal by Thompson.

So what happened since that last album? I have no idea and I don’t care. “Effigy” is awesome. I am NOT going to revisit “Penny for Your Thoughts” anytime soon. I mean, the album cover on that album was so fucking terrible too. But let’s instead focus on THIS album, which has a great cover! I guess the last album was more odd than logic and “Effigy” is pure logic.

Rating: 9/10

1. Effigy
2. Master of the Moor
3. Mercenary
4. The Yearning
5. Witch Runner
6. Iron Skyline
7. Memories of Light
8. Maiden Child

Bandcamp: oddlogicrock.bandcamp.com/album/effigy
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OddLogicband

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  1. loubreed says:

    I think James Hatfield has something to do with it: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/adyC404_gEk/hqdefault.jpg

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