Slyde – “Back Again” EP

slydeBeing totally unfamiliar with Slyde, I have to make comparisons to launch this review of the “Back Again” EP. “Fading” opens with metallic guitar chording reminiscent of Leprous, but then bust into double-time metal in the Coheed vein. I also hear other influences from power metal and 80s metal without obvious carbon-copies. This track has plenty of urgency, some great guitar leads and the opening synth solo is a nice addition. Proper vocal harmonies also compliment the energy. Great lead track.

The bass tone and the slower odd-time signature are great features of “Join the Parade.” The vocals hit the range of Yes’ Jon Anderson and Rush’s Geddy Lee with more force. The B-section speeds things up with more syncopation between bass/guitar and the drums.

“Divide” combines some ideas from tracks one and two. The dual guitar/synth lead is nice as is the B-section (another play from the Coheed playbook). Slyde has potential and hopefully this EP is just a hint at what they are able to write and perform. The guitar and keyboard interplay is an overall high-point for me but the length is too short to give this an official score.

Rating: get back to me with a full length 😉


  1. Fading
  2. Join The Parade
  3. Divide
  4. Back Again


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