Sons of Ra – “Anthropology”

sonsofraChicago’s Sons of Ra are a talented group of musicians and have chops to spare. “Anthropology” is a 35 minute, self-indulgent jam session from this trio. It does a good job of merging prog metal with jazz fusion. Imagine the Aristocrats with a bit of a heavier edge. That KIND OF sums Sons of Ra up but not entirely.

The songs sound very much live in the studio, right down to the buzzing from the amps. I think those that appreciate music that is both technically adept and still quite raw will really enjoy this EP. Downside? I never felt like any of the tracks completely GRABBED me. It’s like listening to a band jamming and it’s cool but your mind does wander some. I’ll admit this is not a style that works for me personally.

The expansive closer “Persona Non Grata” is probably my favorite track. It’s just under 10 minutes and has a good flow to it. Plus I think it showcases what Sons of Ra are all about. They are a tight band who know their strengths. So if you like heavy prog with one foot firmly in the jazz fusion arena, “Anthropology” is definitely worth checking out.

Rating: 7.5/10

1. AntiFragile
2. A Minor
3. Intrepidation
4. Xenoglossia
5. Persona Non Grata


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I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music!
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