Pain of Salvation – “In the Passing Light of Day”

painofsalvationinthepassing“In the Passing Light of Day” marks the return of Pain of Salvation to their heavier side. When I interviewed Daniel Gildenlöw back in 2014 following the release of the acoustic album, “Falling Home,” Daniel said that he felt it was time to go back to the heavier style. He had just been playing “Remedy Lane” in its entirety live and that was a big factor.

“In the Passing Light of Day” also confronts the MAJOR health issues that Daniel had with necrotizing fasciitis. The cover of the album shows his back (where the disease was) with a child painting a sun on it. The album deals with all of the things he went through and at times it can be quite personal. But as we have seen over his career, Daniel is not afraid to bare his soul for his audience.

Stylewise, while “In the Passing Light of Day” does recall albums like the aforementioned “Remedy Lane” and “The Perfect Element Part I,” it still has that very intimate, raw sound that was on the “Road Salt” albums. It feels more of a combination sonically of everything the band has learned over their history (though only Daniel has been around for that).

One part that I am not keen on is the very high pitched vocals that show up now and then. I don’t THINK this is Daniel but rather guitarist Ragnar Zolberg. During “Meaningless” it is very prevalent while on the opening epic “On a Tuesday,” the vocals are still there but not as much in the forefront. Otherwise, the band sound very tight and in vintage form. “Reasons” has that old stuttered attack that Pain of Salvation were so known for when they started out.

I don’t think there’s one stand out track but rather a few very good tracks, the mellow “Silent Gold” and the sparse “If This is the End” are two favorites of mine. It’s an emotional album to be sure and the latter is one of the more emotional tracks, though this whole album will put you through the fucking wringer. “Angel of Broken Things” is another one. Wanting death over the life you are dealing with is something we all might face someday.

“In the Passing Light of Day” is a great album but a difficult album at the same time. It’s another triumph for the great Daniel Gildenlöw and the band. While I don’t think it QUITE measures up to their older classics, it does feel like the band has turned the page musically and are onto another amazing chapter.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. On A Tuesday
2. Tongue Of God
3. Meaningless
4. Silent Gold
5. Full Throttle Tribe
6. Reasons
7. Angels Of Broken Things
8. The Taming Of A Beast
9. If This Is The End
10. The Passing Light Of Day

Label: InsideOut Music

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