Progressive Music Planet Top 40 Albums of 2016: Part I, 21-40

15391051_1421366381208514_1899627877892018214_n2016 was such a great year for music. Yes we lost some icons but the new music has given us some great albums. This list was a hard one to do. I left off some albums that I really wish I didn’t have to! Many of these albums could jump around on this list. Some of them could easily crack the top 20 on any given day. But I this is where they are right here and now:

40. Be’lakor – “Vessels”
39. Wolverine – “Machina Viva”
38. Meshuggah – “The Violent Sleep of Reason”
37. Frost* – “Falling Satellites”
36. Opeth – “Sorceress”
35. Crippled Black Phoenix – “Bronze”
34. Edensong – “Years In The Garden Of Years”
33. Omnium Gatherum – “Grey Heavens”
32. Solution .45 – “Nightmares In The Waking State – Part II”
31. Gong – “Rejoice! I’m Dead”
30. Eye – “Vision And Ageless Light”
29. Arcade Messiah – “III”
28. Airbag – “Disconnected”
27. The Pineapple Thief – “Your Wilderness”
26. Long Distance Calling – “TRIPS”
25. The Devin Townsend Project – “Transcendence”
24. Dark Suns – “Everchild”
23. Anderson / Stolt – “Invention Of Knowledge”
22. Alcest – “Kodama”
21. Tilt – “Hinterland”

I’ll post the second part of this list a week from now, the top 20 albums of 2016! Here is my radio show with all of the above albums on it.

About Rob

I have been a fan of progressive metal and progressive rock for most of my life. My music collection is insanely large. My passion for life is music!
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12 Responses to Progressive Music Planet Top 40 Albums of 2016: Part I, 21-40

  1. progbeawr831 says:

    Great list! Lots I know, some I don’t so I have some listening to do over the winter! Ach! I’m heartbroken though Progman Rob! None of my albums made it there LMAO!

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  2. I will be interested to see your top 20 as 2 of my top five lie in your bottom 20. It is always fun to disagree with you though…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. loubreed says:

    Dunno why, but I thought you’ll give us a review of the new VDGG album before the top. Will you review it later?

    Liked by 1 person

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  5. zumpoems says:

    Be nice if you add a search feature for your site.


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