Toul Syes – “Ikarosz”

a0295790289_10I was contacted by Toul Syes to review their new EP “Ikarosz” because I reviewed their last album, last year. The album was decent but really lacked something. Sadly, not a whole lot has changed in a year. Toul Syes are still a decent post rock type band but “Ikarosz” offers nothing to suggest any growth. In fact, I think they might have taken a step back but I barely recall the last album!

One problem that I had with their last album was that they sound a bit “garage rock.” While I think their playing has MAYBE tightened up some, the production is rough. A good example is the drum sound on the EP, particularly “0 Kelvin.” It sounds like cardboard. There is just no punch at all.

On “G2V,” the drums are too upfront which just underscores the issue. One guitar is too far off in the left and the other is too close. It causes an imbalance. The guitar soloing is all about noise and less about serving a song. So mix and performance are lacking. The songs are decent but forgettable. Toul Syes are still a DIY band trying too hard to do more than they can execute.

Rating: 3/10


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