Steven Wilson vs. Marco Minnemann: a study in personalities

25f53e5045d07ad4924689a84ce29c6aBy now everyone know about the rift between Steven Wilson and former drummer for his band, Marco Minnemann. People are going to pick sides but is it really that easy? I think this goes way beyond a gold record and whether or not Wilson purposefully slighted Minnemann. This is a study in personalities and chemistry.

Wilson has been a leader for quite sometime now. While many people seem to think Porcupine Tree was a band, really it was Wilson’s project. He only brought in others when it became clear that he had a chance to tour the project. So he needed a band. Once he felt like those people were limiting his output, he went out on his own.

Once again, Wilson hired a band. As with any band, other people have input. To what extent the members of the Steven Wilson band had input is debatable. However, the material was written by Wilson and his name is on the music. Minnemann is an equally talented artist and he knows he is. So there’s some jealousy at play here and honestly that is understandable.


Back when Dream Theater chose Mike Mangini over Minnemann, I thought they made the right choice and it had nothing to do with ability. Mangini is the “good soldier” type and that’s what they really needed. Minnemann is VERY over the top and outgoing. He is also very opinionated, which reminds me a lot of Mike Portnoy. Personality type is just as critical to a band as talent.

Remember when the Storm Corrosion project was announced as Wilson, Mikael Akerfeldt and Portnoy? Remember how quickly Wilson said they were not using any percussion…but Gavin Harrison plays on the album? I am guessing that Wilson was not initially aware that Minnemann was quite as opinionated as Portnoy. Honestly he really isn’t QUITE as opinionated but he isn’t the “good soldier” type like Mangini or current drummer Craig Blundell.


This rift was inevitable. The gold record was just the easiest way to force it all out into the open. People don’t always get along and bands disband because of that reason as much as “artistic differences.” But the bottom line is that Wilson doesn’t owe Minnemann a thing. That’s why it’s not Porcupine Tree and it’s not called the Steven Wilson BAND on the album cover. It’s also why people like Mangini and Blundell will always find work and why people like Portnoy and Minnemann have extensive work histories.

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4 Responses to Steven Wilson vs. Marco Minnemann: a study in personalities

  1. Paul says:

    So far Minnemann and Satriani seem to be getting along.

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  2. Ruben Pineda says:

    I saw Steven Wilson in Phoenix on November 9th in concert.
    He said the band that accompanied him is the best he has had.
    Craig Blundell in my opinion, is an exceptional drummer but Minnemann is the DNA of Steve’s sound.
    Greetings from the limits of Arizona Sonora Desert in Mexico.

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Simplifying the issue just so that we can chat about it, here is my opinion as chief designer of a work team.
    To have a strong personality is a plus in a group, as long as it’s someway proportional to the talent! It usually gives more to the sum of the parts if you can (and it’s possible to) manage it.
    It may leads to a faster brake up, especially if the ppl have met as adult, but at least the mix usually produce a more significant result. Now, in art, to just make a good job it’s quite a waste of time, isn’t it?

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Nick France… That should be the SW Drummer. Listen to Reminder the black dog dudes!!


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