ZA – “Grito Al Aire” EP

500x500When does a step backward mean a step forward? In the case of Chilean band Diogenes, it’s when the band revisits 3 older tracks when they were known as ZA. Confused? Ok well, Diogenes is a band that I previously wrote a review regarding their latest album. Three members of that band used to be known as ZA and they decided to re-record the three tracks that make up the “Grito Al Aire” EP.

The main difference between the bands is that ZA is an all instrumental band with more in common with Scale the Summit, Chon, and similar prog metal bands. “Grito Al Aire” works for me because of that. One problem I had with Diogenes was the vocals and this solves that issue.

The music on this EP is good. It veers from technical to atmospheric. The one issue is that the songs sometimes sound like they are demos missing the vocals, rather than full fledged instrumental tracks. The riffs are good but can go on a bit too long at times. The production could also stand to be just a little bit thicker.

While I dont think ZA break any new ground in the prog metal field with the “Grito Al Aire” EP, they are very good at what they do. It does seem like this EP is an introduction to what COULD be. The question will be, is this the band now or just 3 musicians reminiscing? Time will tell.

Rating: 7.5/10

1 Grito al Aire I
2 Grito al Aire II
3 Grito al Aire III

Label: Halim Music

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