The Fierce And The Dead – “If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe”

bem036-album-coverKudos to Bad Elephant Music for re-issuing the debut full length album “If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe” by post prog rockers the Fierce and the Dead. While I don’t think the original master of the album was bad at all, it’s nice that this gives the band more visibility and polishes up a great album. The band was a trio at the time with guitarist Steve Cleaton joining after this one.

The album allows a bit more focus on Matt Stevens’ other worldly guitar playing and bassist Kevin Feazey, whose fuzzed out bass sounds as lumbering as ever. My personal favorites are “Part 2,” “10 x 10” and the epic “Andy Fox.” The latter being present in three different versions with a live version with the current 4 man lineup.

The b-side for “10 x 10,” “Foreign Languages” is added to this reissue along with the aforementioned live track and 3 alternate mixes of a few tracks. The artwork has also been upgraded as well. While this remaster “If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe” might not be ESSENTIAL for fans who already bought the original album, I think the diehards will pick it up and love it just the same. Newcomers can really start anywhere with this band since the Fierce and the Dead never quite do the same thing twice. If you don’t know TFATD, you NEED to change that.


  1. Flint
  2. Part 2
  3. The Wait
  4. H. R.
  5. Hotel No. 6
  6. Landcrab
  7. Daddies Little Helper
  8. Woodchip
  9. 10 x 10
  10. Andy Fox
  11. Foreign Languages
  12. Andy Fox (live at Kingsway College)
  13. Part 2 (Take 1 board mix)
  14. Landcrab (Take 5 board mix)
  15. Andy Fox (Suitcase Remix)

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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