Wolve – “Lazare” EP

art_lazareFounded as a one man project which eventually evolved into a band, Wolve don’t only create music – they create experiences. Their debut album “Sleepwalker”, which depicts the journey of a dream, is absolutely stunning and the mix of organic music and synthetic sounds makes it an obligatory listen for any prog rock fan. This year, the journey continues: Wolve are back with a new EP called “Lazare”, which deals with topics such as resilience, duality, anger and ego.

“Lazare” doesn’t sound as expected, but also exceeds all expectations at the same time. The most obvious difference between the debut and “Lazare” is that the new release leans more on the alternative rock side while “Sleepwalker” definitely sounds more progressive. Despite of containing only 18 minutes of music, “Lazare” presents a wide spectrum of sounds from calm and even catchy melodies to raw and punchy riffs.

The title track “Lazare” starts with percussion, which is then accompanied by a simple keyboard melody and the bass. Soft vocals are then added to the mix. The song builds up to a heavier and very intense middle part, which is definitely one of the highlights of the EP, followed by calmer sounds. The song then ends with a powerful riff and a distorted guitar solo. This track truly feels like a rollercoaster ride! “Porcelain” is a true alt rock song to me: It is gloomy and yet so light, quite atmospheric and nicely balanced. The short track “Inferno” sounds fast, chaotic and literally demonic – basically unlike anything Wolve have ever released. Very refreshing! The last track “Far” is once again a delight for anyone who loves great dynamics, expressional vocals and brilliant melodies.

Wolve’s music amazes me every time. Not only have they released one of the best records of the year, but have also been able to step up their game as musicians and to express themselves in the most genuine and direct way. Chapeau!
“Lazare” is simply a pleasure to listen to. Don’t miss out on this phenomenal EP and allow yourself to get lost in the music.

Rating: 9.5/10


01. Lazare
02. Porcelain
03. Inferno
04. Far

Website: www.wolve.fr

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