Pelander – “Time”

pelander-timeMagnus Pelander is best known as the man behind the band Witchcraft. That band blends old school psych rock with prog and even elements of stoner rock and doom. The last two Witchcraft albums, “Legend” and “Nucleus” are flat out amazing. If you don’t know about them, I highly suggest you check them out.

This album is Pelander’s first full length album under his own (last) name and while it isn’t THAT far from the music he writes and records with Witchcraft, it does have a more stripped down, personal vibe to it. “Time” is an acoustic album which has acoustic guitars, flutes and strings. This is Pelander’s “Songs from the Wood.” The Tull influence seems clear to me at least.

“Umbrella” is one track that would pair well with anything Ian Anderson has been doing of late. These aren’t simple acoustic songs though. For example, “True Colour” has different sections and is an epic in its own right. The title track is another favorite of mine, not for least of which is Pelander’s amazing voice which is strong through out (as always).

Kudos to Nuclear Blast for not only releasing Witchcraft’s amazing albums but also letting this very talented man release his first solo album. Prog fans will find much to enjoy on “Time.” It’s a throwback to a time of artistic freedom. And it’s about time. Literally.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Umbrella
2. Family Song
3. The Irony Of Man
4. True Colour
5. Precious Swan
6. Time
7. Rebecka

Label: Nuclear Blast

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