Blind Ego – “Liquid”

GAOM BE Promo_Sleeve_047_RZ.inddBlind Ego is the solo side project of Kalle Wallner of RPWL. Being a big fan of RPWL, I had meant to check out the last Blind Ego album “Numb” but of course I got distracted by the pile of music that happens to me. So I was glad that Wallner decided to release another Blind Ego album and that it showed up in my review queue.

First off, Wallner is one of the most underrated guitarists on the planet. He has the feel of David Gilmour (of course) but has an added gear that Gilmour doesn’t have or use. One of the nice things about “Liquid” is that it’s more of a prog metal album versus the prog rock that RPWL plays. The songs are all well written, well arranged and have killer hooks.

So what’s my issue with it? Well, there are multiple vocalists which isn’t a bad thing necessarily. The problem is that one vocalist is fucking amazing, Arno Menses of Subsignal (huge fan of his voice) and the other, Erik Ez Blomkvist, I find incredibly annoying. Blomkvist does every cheesy over emotive move in the book and on “Never Escape the Storm” he tries way too hard to sound bad ass. It just never works.

Besides those two, Aaron Brooks of psych rockers Simeon Soul Charger does a solid job on the closing track “Speak the Truth” but again, I kept wondering how it would sound if Menses sang it. It would have sounded better. The instrumental track “Quiet Anger” is a favorite and it points out that maybe no vocalists were needed for ANY of the songs. Panzerballet’s Heiko Jung supplies some SICK bass on the track.

With a few tweaks, “Liquid” could have been an album on my best of 2016 list. The music and melodies are THAT strong. I do hope people check out this album because maybe you’ll like Blomkvist more than I do. But regardless of that, Kalle Wallner shows that he is a great songwriter and multi dimensional guitarist. “Liquid” has no ego attached to it, blind or otherwise.

Rating: 8/10

1. A Place in the Sun
2. Blackened
3. What If
4. Not Going Away
5. Never Escape the Storm
6. Tears and Laughter
7. Hear My Voice Out There
8. Quiet Anger
9. Speak the Truth

Label: Gentle Art of Music

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3 Responses to Blind Ego – “Liquid”

  1. progbeawr831 says:

    I discovered Blind Ego’s first album before I knew who RPWL was so when finding that out I was further a fan in to their music. Numb and Mirror were both brilliant in their own rights aside form a couple of over-sappy ballads that I found to be a drainage on Mirror but overall had me hooked to their sound. I found that the first album the vocalist had a very Peter Gabriel feel to his voice especially on Don’t Ask me Why which added some interesting flare to the overall feel of the record, basically an homage to who they like but imitating them which was key. Agreed Kalle Wallner is very underrated and does have some very Gilmour-esque tones going on and the less is more solos which I admire more than a wanking pissing contest as to how many notes can you cram in a 10sec solo. Yes too many vocalists on a record can be both a curse and blessing and does tend to lend the listener a wider variety to the album but can also cause the listener to feel confused to the sense of the album where it feels like there is no direction but a melee of avenues that the band brought together. One track with a different singer or a duet is ideal for my liking but when you have three or four singers in my opinion draws you away from the album because when you become attached to one singer’s style and like it and the next song is someone else you get disappointed knowing and feeling how the one you like could have been sung better so it can give you an emptiness about it to add to what you were asking about how Menses could have sung it. But overall a really good album indeed.

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    • progmanrob says:

      Well put. I don’t mind a couple of vocalists but if one just is not as gifted as the other, you get disconnected from the whole like you mentioned. One voice gives an album consistency. Of course I do love bands will multiple vocalists so I guess it’s all about quality.

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