Mammoth – “Deviations”

mammothMammoth are one of those bands that I feel I should have known about before this. The sheer skill and musicality of this trio are things that should get them noticed by anyone into jaw dropping prog metal. On their latest album “Deviations,” the band mix technical prog metal, jazz fusion, ambience, classical and even a dose of humor.

The lead track “Entanglements” is a mix of Animals as Leaders, Blotted Science and Liquid Tension Experiment. It has the modern vibe and atmosphere of AAL but never falls for the djent trap, instead staying well within the Ron Jarzombek school of tech. “Obscurements” has even more space and a jazzier vibe overall even feeling a bit like Brand X as the track progresses. Ben Luria’s sax just adds that final touch of class to the song.

“The Hilarity of Singularity” has a touch of whimsy. It starts out with the Ren and Stimpy “News Flash” clip and then goes into three minutes of pure fun. One of the things that makes Mammoth so fucking good is that they use their powers to have FUN. Sure they could play seriously and do but they understand this type of music should be enjoyable for the listener which (on this track for example) reminds me of The Aristocrats.”

“The Acclimation of Sedation” has some very tasty fretless bass from guest musician Chase Bryant along with great guitar work from Wes Thrailkill and then guest guitarist Mateus Asato. Thrailkill gives the song a slightly metallic edge while Asato adds a jazz slant with his solo. GREAT stuff right here. My only qualm with “Limited Access to the One” is that it feels too short. Just as I am getting into it, it ends! I want MORE!

The song transitions well into the title track which has some strings or at least what I think are real strings though none are listed. That classical feel is juxtaposed by a programmed drum section. The title track is more of an interlude that becomes the final track, “Unlimited Access to the None.” As with the whole album, the song has excellent drumming by Aliyar Kinik. The song has another cool fretless bass solo, this time courtesy of the band’s own bassist Yasutaka Nomura.

“Deviations” is one those album that will bring a smile to your face. It will also send musicians back to their rooms to practice more! Mammoth are aptly named because they are massively talented and an imposing band. It’s time for me to find out about all the music prior to this album. Don’t miss out on this one!

Rating: 9/10

1. Entanglements
2. Obscurements (ft. Ben Luria)
3. The Hilarity of Singularity
4. The Acclimation of Sedation (ft. Chase Bryant and Mateus Asato)
5. Limited Access to the One
6. Deviations
7. Unlimited Access to the None


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