Verbal Delirium – “The Imprisoned Words Of Fear”

a3045094224_16You know you have too much music to listen to when you get a new album to review and find that you’ve already liked the band’s Facebook page and can’t remember doing it. But the good news is that I can thank my past self for it because Verbal Delirium is GREAT.

Verbal Delirium were recommended to me and I cannot for the life of me recall who recommended them. I suppose it’s possible that I stumbled upon them myself? All I can say is I am glad either way. The lead track “Words” is a short piano driven intro which is a grand beginning to this excellent album.

“Close to You” sounds like Katatonia jamming with Caravan. Yes really. Big riffs with mellotron along side whimsical flute passages. This song is REALLY good. The chord progressions are MASSIVE! This is the perfect combo of prog metal and prog rock right here. “Misleading Path” is another great combo of the genres. The shuffling organ part reminds me of Andy Tillison and The Tangent. The wordless chorus sounds Yes-like and that works for me as well. Another phenomenal track.

The stuttering organ at the start of “Images from a Grey World” sounds like something I’ve heard before but somehow haven’t. Add in the “Pull Me Under” like drumbeat and it’s like meeting an old friend for the first time. This song has some serious crunch when it needs it, oh the double bass drums!! Yes, it’s ANOTHER great song and at this point you realize you are listening to something exceptional.

“The Decayed Reflection (A Verbal Delirium)” is funky! What? It actually bops along and if you aren’t bopping with it, there’s something wrong with you and you should seek immediate medical attention. The song reminds me a bit of Pure Reason Revolution for those who remember them. The guitar hook in this song is one of “those” moments. Perfectly executed and you are officially addicted. I didn’t even mention the piano work by Nikos Terzis. Ok I just did.

Band leader Jargon is clearly an incredible talent. He wrote all of this and it’s clear that he is a gifted writer. “Fear” is a modern prog epic that affords him the space to showcase his own vocal talent. It’s lush and orchestral, with wordless vocal to sing along with. Nearly midway through the song picks up stream and things get dramatic and cinematic.

“In Memory” is a bit of a left turn. An electronic, synth beat with delicate guitar and keys over it with an industrial chorus. It’s like Radiohead meets Nine Inch Nails. It shows the diversity of Verbal Delirium and depth that “The Imprisoned Words Of Fear” has on it. Without a doubt, Verbal Delirium have a masterpiece on their hands with “The Imprisoned Words Of Fear” and this album should put this Greek band on every prog fan’s radar.

Rating: 9.5/10


  1. Words
  2. Close To You
  3. Misleading Path
  4. Images from a Grey World
  5. The Decayed Reflection (A Verbal Delirium)
  6. Fear
  7. In Memory

Label: Bad Elephant Music

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  1. Another great recommendation! This one goes straight on top of the ‘too much to listen to’ pile.

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