Live Review: Opeth at Radio City Music Hall, October 1, 2016


Photo courtesy of @tinareg1999 (Twitter)

The first of the “special” shows on Opeth’s “Sorceress” tour was at the famed Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The band played back to back sets with the second set featuring songs from “Damnation” and “Deliverance.” The venue is great looking to be sure but the sound was actually inconsistent through out. I moved twice during the show to get different looks (and because they had this spotlight that was fucking BLINDING which made looking at the stage impossible when it was on). The sound toward the back was VERY quiet. I just found that curious.

The band was as tight as ever. Mikael was in a great mood and joked often with the audience with everything from wanting to do all Europe covers to stopping the show to go see Twisted Sister who apparently were playing elsewhere in the city. The first set was the “typical” Opeth set. Three new songs and a few standards like “Demon of the Fall,” “Ghost of Perdition” and “The Drapery Falls.” I love those songs so it’s forgivable. But do we need to hear “The Devil’s Orchard” again? Pick another track from “Heritage.”


Photo courtesy of @tinareg1999 (Twitter)

The first set saw two surprises in “Face of Melinda” and “Hex Omega” with the latter sounding fucking incredible. All three new tracks sounded great with “Will O the Wisp” being my favorite. Nothing was featured from “Pale Communion” which was disappointing. I love that album and it was the LAST album. It deserved at least a song.

The band really took it to another level with the songs chosen from “Damnation” and “Deliverance.” Specifically, “Death Whispered a Lullaby” which Mikael said he wasn’t sure he remembered the lyrics and “In My Time of Need” which sounded amazing. The three tracks from “Deliverance” were highlighted by the first ever live performance of “By the Pain I See in Others.” Mikael said he never liked how the song turned out but has become more fond of it. He had said in an interview that after hearing Bruce Soord’s remix of the song, he liked it a lot more.

All in all, it was definitely one of the best times that I’ve seen them. The crowd was large and really into everything Opeth played. The band didn’t play it safe like they had on some previous tours. It was good to see and hear a band that embraced their whole catalogue! Opeth showed why they are one of the best.

Ghost of Perdition
Demon of the Fall
The Wilde Flowers
Face of Melinda
Will O the Wisp
The Drapery Falls
The Devil’s Orchard
Hex Omega

“Damnation and Deliverance”
Death Whispered a Lullaby
In My Time of Need
Master’s Apprentices
By the Pain I See in Others


Photo courtesy of @tinareg1999 (Twitter)

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2 Responses to Live Review: Opeth at Radio City Music Hall, October 1, 2016

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen them 11 times, since they came to America, starting with Still Life. They’re not coming to Florida for this tour, and didn’t for Pale Communion either. Decent Setlist

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  2. TinaReg1999 says:

    I’m happy with the setlist as it was my first time seeing them. I got a mix of old and new. (I prefer new as I became a legit fan in 2011 and my favorites are mostly from Watershed and newer ). All the songs they did so in set 2 are the ones I actually like from those albums so it was definitely a treat for me.

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