Watchtower – “Concepts Of Math: Book One”

watchtower-3000x3000This is a review that I never thought I’d write. Watchtower have been teasing new music for a VERY long time. The album was called “Mathematics” and now has finally been issued albeit as an EP called “Concepts Of Math: Book One.” The catch is that all but one song has already been released.

Back in 2010, “The Size of Matter” was released as a teaser for the “Mathematics” album. KILLER track and had all the elements that made Watchtower a band to watch waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1989. Odd time signatures, crazy ass playing and vocal gymnastics from Alan Tecchio. Then we all waited…and waited.

Out of nowhere last year, the band released 3 songs as digital singles: “M-Theory Overture,” “Arguments Against Design” and “Technology Inaction.” I assumed that either the band gave up trying to get enough material for “Mathematics” or maybe the album was finally coming out. All 3 are classic Watchtower. “M-Theory Overtune” is an insane instrumental and “Technology Inaction” is actually catchy by Watchtower standards. So once again, we waited.

Now we have all of those songs PLUS a song we haven’t heard, the epic “Mathematica Calculis,” issued as an EP called “Concepts Of Math: Book One.” This is both good and bad news. The bad news is it’s really only one “new” track but the good news is that the song is possibly the best song the band has ever done! Further, since the EP is called “Book One,” this gives us hope that there’s a “Book Two” in the future.

The new track has some of the craziest shit from Ron Jarzombek and Doug Keyser, both are fucking geniuses. Not to be forgotten is drummer Rick Colaluca who somehow holds the track together. This EP is essential for any fan of truly progressive metal. Watchtower were ahead of their time and may very well still be. For all the young bands who think they know what they are doing, listen to this EP and get educated on serious “Concepts of Math.”

Rating: 9.5/10


1. M Theory Overture
2. Arguments Against Design
3. Technology Inaction
4. The Size Of Matter
5. Mathematica Calculis

Label: Prosthetic Records

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3 Responses to Watchtower – “Concepts Of Math: Book One”

  1. loubreed says:

    So, this EP is not a foreshadowing of a full-length album, but a standalone release? I’ve been trying to clarify this issue for quite some time.


  2. Definitely adding this to the (also insanely large) library on the basis of your review!

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