Edensong – “Years In The Garden Of Years”

edensong-yearsinthegardenofyears-jpgI’d heard of Edensong a few years back and had been meaning to check into them more carefully. So with a new album, there was no better time than the present. Edensong are a true progressive rock band. There’s no neo-prog, no modern prog. This is old school prog but “Years In The Garden Of Years” never sounds dated.

The album kicks off with a fantastic opening number in “Cold City.” It’s impossible not to compare Edensong with Jethro Tull since they use a flute and the overall vibe of the song is acoustic and folky. But the song has a LOT of punch to it and a chorus that you will remember. Too many prog bands forget that fans want to sing along with their music. Edensong hasn’t forgotten that!

“End Times in Retrospect” is an awesome instrumental that adds strings to the mix in the intro before kicking into a bouncy jam. Eventhough the band have acoustic instruments heavily involved in this song, it’s still heavier than you’d expect. Great riffs and a mellotron add some meat to the song. The flute solo is one that Ian Anderson would be jealous of.

“In The Longest Of Days” is a great showcase for vocalist James Byron Schoen who has an excellent, dynamic delivery. Up next, “The Hollowed” is another mellow track and Schoen reminds me of a less affected Tim Bowness on it. “Down The Hours” reminds me a bit of echolyn and since Edensong are also an American prog band with similar influences. This track really turns into a helluva jam.

Edensong might be a little too acoustic for my taste on a regular basis. “Chronos” is another instrumental track dominated by piano, violin and flute. The upside is that you really don’t get much more prog than those instruments. But having vintage keys on this track breaks up the all acoustic party rather nicely. Edensong balance their attack which just adds to the dynamics and overall power they have as musicians.

“The Atman Apocalypse” is another great song that balances the heavier side of the band with their more acoustic leanings. The song has a very memorable chorus too. “For tomorrow our bodies go down with the ship.” Or is it shit? The album closes out with “Yawn of a Blink” which highlights the excellent chops of the whole band.

Edensong are not out to reinvent prog but at the same time they are not a listless band that is stuck in the 90s neo prog movement. Instead, “Years In The Garden Of Years” has a timeless sound that could have been released in the 70s or really any decade for that matter. That’s a testament to this very talented band.

Rating: 8.5/10

1. Cold City
2. End Times In Retrospect
3. In The Longest Of Days
4. The Hollowed
5. Down The Hours
6. Chronos
7. Generations
8. The Atman Apocalypse
9. Regenerations
10. Yawn of a Blink

Label: Laser’s Edge
Bandcamp: edensong.bandcamp.com

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1 Response to Edensong – “Years In The Garden Of Years”

  1. Jaime Garcia says:

    Hello Progmanrob.
    Is great your article about this band. I didn’t know them, but Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull’s flute player, singer and composer) recommended this record in his page, so I got this album (years in the garden of years) one week ago. I agree with you, this is a fine progressive rock band. Perhaps they are an american group, they belong mostly to the old progressive rock european school. This album could be made in 1973, in 1979 or maybe in 2020, the music is beautiful, excellent and timelees. A great work, with a remarkable balance between the electric and the acustic instruments. The vocal work and the texts of the songs are also a fine point in this album of Edensong. in a scale of 0 to 10, I think this album deserves 11.
    congratulatios to this band, and keep on making good music.

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