Dysrhythmia – “The Veil of Control”

the-veil-of-controlMy first exposure to Dysrhythmia was when they played before Intronaut and Cynic back in 2009. I was not prepared for what I was witnessing; it was a simple trio but the sounds they were making were chaotic and dense, like getting hit with a full-blast fire hose of instrumental progressive metal.

Hitting play on track one from Dysrhythmia’s seventh full length “The Veil of Control” is reminiscent of that first exposure: controlled blast beats, atmospheric tones from the guitar and bass, dissonant chords ringing through what sounds like jamming madmen.

Let’s mention right here that guitarist Kevin Hufnagel and bassist Colin Marston also comprise ½ of the progressive metal brilliance of Gorguts, and my brain is trying to contrast and compare and I come up with “instrumental Gorguts” but that’s just my brain. I’m also reminded of early emo where the guitars were progressive enough to catch my attention (until the singing started).

I’ve read “post-prog-metal” and other taglines however Dysrhythmia really is in a class of their own. “Internal _ Eternal” begins with syncopated guitar and bass tapping and cymbal hits. This music isn’t quite as insane as Spastik Ink or Blotted Science but the same kind of listening is applicable: sit back and let the music take you where it is going, not to worry about “what part of the song is this?” Layered acoustic guitars thicken the second half of this song and it makes a huge difference.

Drummer Jeff Eber earns his pay on “Black Memory” which pushes tremolo picking through the Dysrhythmia grinder and I’m reminded of Mr. Bungle (“There’s no place like home”). “Selective Abstraction” dooms it up halfway through the track and then we’re presented with some of the funkiest Dysrhythmia on the CD. Check out the sick bass clinic on “Severed and Whole.” If you already describe yourself as a fan of Dysrhythmia this is an auto-purchase. If not, head to the Bandcamp page and hit play on that first track.

You’re welcome.

Rating: 8/10


  1. The Veil of Control
  2. Internal_Eternal
  3. Black Memory
  4. Selective Abstraction
  5. Severed and Whole
  6. When Whens End

Label: Profound Lore Records
Bandcamp: profoundlorerecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-veil-of-control

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