Evership – “Evership”

13516525_546150915583212_4952634739331654550_nThe self-titled album from Nashville’s Evership has all of the ingredients for what should be an album that I would love. The musicianship is stellar, the vocals are amazing (Beau West can SING!), and the production is impeccable. So why does the album leave me feeling so flat?

It’s the songs. While they are good and fairly solid, there are no moments that really stand out. Many are quite pleasant and very easy to listen to, but prog needs to be more than that. 5 of the 6 songs are long, with the final track being 2 minutes of filler which end the album as some sort of conclusion.

While the songs are long, many seem like shorter tracks taped together. “Evermore” is basically two different songs. “Eros” is the sappy intro and “Agape” is the modestly better conclusion. “Flying Machine” actually has breaks in between the sections which not only underscores that it isn’t one song but breaks any momentum that the song might have had.

There are parts of each track that are better than others, which makes me believe that this band does have a strong future. As debut albums go, this is light years ahead of where a typical new band might be. If you like quality neo-prog, Evership tend to steer clear of many clichés that plague that sub-genre, even if the lyrics do get a little cheesy at times. It’s a pleasant album but I tend to need more than that.

Rating: 7/10

1. Silver Light
2. A Slow Descent Into Reality
I: Everyman
II: A Slow Descent
III: Wisdom Of The Ages
IV: Honest With Me
V: The Battle Within
VI: Anyman
3. Evermore
A: Eros
B: Agape
4. Ultima Thule
5. Flying Machine
I: Dreamcarriers
II: Dream Sequence
III: Lift
6. Approach

To buy this album: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/evership

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