Antimatter – “Welcome to the Machine” (CD single)

welcometothemachineThe multi-talented Mick Moss is back with a new 3 track Antimatter single. Not only does it showcase his ability to cover a well-known track and make it his own, but also features 2 live track that proves Antimatter is a formidable live band. It’s never easy to cover such a distinct and iconic track like Pink Floyd’s “Welcome to the Machine,” but Moss is not someone who is afraid to take a chance.

The key to a great cover song is to make the track your own but not to take it too far away from the original that no one recognizes it. The arrangement gives the song a groove that the original lacked. Having drums on the track really drives the song and having throbbing synths harkens back to the original just enough. Moss sounds great vocally and the guitar solo on the track actually makes the song sound slighty more Floydian than the original!

The two live tracks are a pair of songs that, for the uninitiated, give you a good idea of what Anitmatter is all about. “Killer” is off the last studio album “The Judas Table” and is one of my favorite tracks from this powerful set of songs. “Redemption” is from one of my favorite Antimatter albums “Leaving Eden” and is another great choice for the single. Each song highlight the emotional power of the original versions of the songs and also the overall talent of the live Antimatter band.

This single not only makes for a great introduction to the world of Mick Moss and Antimatter but it’s an essential addition for long time fans. Antimatter are one of the best modern progressive bands around today. While they respect classic prog, they are not afraid to update it and give it an added emotional punch.

1. Welcome to the Machine
2. Killer (live)
3. Redemption (live)

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3 Responses to Antimatter – “Welcome to the Machine” (CD single)

  1. progbeawr831 says:

    I’m always interested in hearing how modern day Prog bands cover older favourites, especially The Pink Floyd as they are my favourite band so this will definitely be a treat to hear considering how you described the track! Antimatter has to grow on you as a band because of the distinct vocal styling and their overall musical tones. I’ve got the Judas table and have listened to it several times and yeah it’s like a moss, it grows on you slowly unlike other bands that attack you like a rabid virus and you’re addicted at note one kind of thing ya know? So it’s nice to discover a band that has a slow burn to their appreciation. Makes you really dig deep in to the album and uncover its secrets and absorb in its liquor held within its digital walls and chambers. Cheers


    • progmanrob says:

      Very true and a great assessment on Antimatter.

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      • progbeawr831 says:

        Most Welcome Mr. Rob! Like you I don’t just listen to an album I mould myself in to its grooves and live it. Music can be for the average listener and something on in the background but for people like us we dive head first in to it, absorb it, live it, breathe it in like the morning’s fresh unpolluted air before the city wakes up and clogs the environment for another day. I know that’s not how it works but you know what I mean lol

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