Les Discrets – “Virée Nocturne” EP

LesDiscrets-VireeNocturneLes Discrets are back with an EP that serves as a precursor to a new album due some time next year. “Virée Nocturne” serves as a sample of what’s to come. The title track starts things out and it’s a lo-fi affair that sounds like part Alcest and part Tame Impala. It’s a very low key, atmospheric track that has a calm, sedate vibe to it. Fans of Portishead or Massive Attack might enjoy this.

The second track “Capricorni. Virginis. Corvi” is more of the same but a bit more frenetic, at least for Les Discrets it is. It’s more percussive in nature. Not a bad track but it’s a bit short and doesn’t quite go anywhere. After that is a demo of “Le Reproche” which doesn’t really do anything for me. It’s stark and for a demo, it doesn’t sound all that different from the tracks prior to it.

The EP is rounded out by a remix of the title track. It’s much more involved and less lo-fi than the original, but it doesn’t really grab my attention either. It’s a nice bonus track if nothing else. All in all, this is an adequate introduction to “Prédateurs,” the upcoming album. I’ll wait for the album before judging things based on this glimpse.

1. Virée Nocturne
2. Capricorni.Virginis.Corvi
3. Le Reproche (demo version)
4. Virée Nocturne (Dälek / Deadverse Remix)

Label: Prophecy Productions

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