Spirit Adrift – “Chained To Oblivion”

a1061648026_16It would probably be easiest for me to say that I like the debut EP from Spirit Adrift more than their debut full length “Chained To Oblivion.” I’ll see if I can figure out why! I was a big fan of the EP “Behind-Beyond” because both songs were epics and had many sections and movements to them. Yes it’s doom but it also struck me as prog at times as well. Both songs have a ton of great riffs.

So I was very excited to hear that they were doing a full length. After listening to it, I like it but it just didn’t hit me the same way as the EP. It’s definitely doom and has some good riffs but I felt like the riffs were too repetitive. The danger with doom is that it’s slow so when a riff repeats too much, I feel like it’s not going anywhere. That was the case here.

“Psychic Tide” has a good riff but it’s basically a one riff song. “Marzanna” is slower still and just never does much for me. I think between it and the next song “Form and Force,” there are riffs for one song. The band is a really good doom band but I apparently got the wrong impression from the EP that they had more going on. “Chained to Oblivion” seems more basic than I care for personally. If you like slow, lumbering doom, I think you will enjoy this album. If you were expecting more like I was, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Rating: 6/10

1. Psychic Tide
2. Marzanna
3. Form and Force
4. Chained To Oblivion
5. The Hum Of Our Existence

Label: Prosthetic Records
Bandcamp: spiritadrift.bandcamp.com/album/chained-to-oblivion

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