Freedom To Glide – “FALL”

F2gUK’s Freedom to Glide are back with “FALL” which is their full length follow up to the excellent “Rain.” The sound and overall theme of “FALL” is very much in line with “Rain.” The band still remind me of Pink Floyd fronted by John Wetton. Even with the tops of war and it’s effect on the human psyche, they are far less heavy handed as Roger Waters. Freedom to Glide offer more hope and overall human kindness rather than being all bitter and hateful.

Both Pete Riley and Andy Nixon, who are Freedom to Glide, spent time in a Floyd cover band so the overall sound is in their DNA. Andy Nixon’s vocals remind me a LOT of John Wetton rather than David Gilmour. I really love that about his voice. Downsides? Well programmed drums are a sore spot for me. Granted they are done quite tastefully on “FALL” and “Rain,” though I’d much rather have a human at all times. The key to “FALL” as was the case with “Rain” is the flow of the songs. It’s effortless and there is not a weak track to be found.

One major highlight of the album is the extended piece “Enigma.” I won’t call it an epic since that’s not true to the overall vibe of the track but it is a nearly 9 minute song which for Freedom to Glide is long. The song is a show case for Nixon’s excellent guitar playing as well. “The Middle Game” follows it and it is also a wee bit longer than the average f2g song. The lyrics are amazing on this one. The fact that war is merely a chess game to the powers that be is sad but certainly true. It’s a money making venture.

Atmosphere is what this band does and does extremely well. When the topic is war throughout the 20th Century, Freedom to Glide use atmosphere coupled with crestfallen yet reflective lyrical content to make “FALL” another superb release. This is part two of a trilogy and it just makes me anxious to hear the final part.

Rating: 9/10

1. Fall
2. Silent Code
3. Names in the Stone
4. Toll
5. Playing God
6. Exit Wound
7. Enigma
8. The Middle Game
9. Trough of War
10. Solace
11. Sleep Under the Flag
12. Another Same
13. October


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1 Response to Freedom To Glide – “FALL”

  1. progbeawr831 says:

    Great review and I agree, great band and some brilliant musicianship presented and well represented here. I was surprised by them and they caught my attention when I hear one track on the Prog mag sampler cd from last month’s issue. Their other albums are equally as good and have a great diversity in them. Very eclectic in styles at times and some profound vocals. A very enjoyable band.

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