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GlerAkur – “Can’t You Wait”

“Can’t You Wait” is a fairly accurate title for this 3 song, 24 minute EP by GlerAkur from Iceland. The EP is not in a hurry to go anywhere…at all. Drone is certainly an element of their sound but there’s … Continue reading

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Zombie Picnic -“A Suburb of Earth”

Ireland’s Zombie Picnic are far more picnic than zombie. Their post rock style relies on an old school psych rock backdrop which is bright and fun. Their name might make you think they have something omnious to them but that’s … Continue reading

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Periphery – “Periphery III: Select Difficulty”

Ah, a new Periphery record. I’ve really been looking forward to listen to some fresh, new and cheerful djent again. So let’s dive right into this review – here are my thoughts on “Periphery III: Select Difficulty”. In general, this … Continue reading

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Sonata Arctica announce new album ‘The Ninth Hour’!

Only two years after the release of ‘Pariah’s Child’ plus a massive world tour, the Finnish melodic metal quintet SONATA ARCTICA are already back for more – their ninth masterpiece entitled ‘The Ninth Hour’ will see the light of day … Continue reading

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Solarhall – “Lokus”

Finland’s Solarhall have released their debut album “Lokus” and it’s a case of a new band still looking for a firm identity. There are certainly some influences which is fine but the bigger issue is that stylistically, Solarhall are a … Continue reading

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Opeth to release 12th studio album “Sorceress” on September 30th

Opeth have released the following regarding their upcoming album “Sorceress”: 2016 marks the monumental return of one of heavy rock’s most unique, revered and fearless bands of the last three decades, OPETH. Over the years, the experimental, prog veterans have … Continue reading

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Opeth “Sorceress” artwork?

Based on an ad in a European magazine, it would appear that this is the artwork for the new Opeth album “Sorceress.” [Source: Opeth Facebook group.]

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Albums Revisited: Genesis – “Abacab”

To Genesis fans, “Abacab” was either the beginning of the end, the very last good album or more shit since Peter left. Many people already assume Phil Collins was in control but that’s not the case. The album sold very … Continue reading

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Nathanael Larochette – “Earth and Sky”

Nathanael Larochette is the guitarist for the bands Musk Ox,a chamber folk outfit and for The Night Watch, a stellar prog metal band who are releasing “Boundaries.” I recently reviewed “Boundaries” so I was keen to hear what Nathanael Larochette … Continue reading

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Circa: – “Valley of the Windmill”

Circa: is the project formed by Billy Sherwood and Tony Kaye, both of Yes fame. “Valley of the Windmill” is their latest outing and it has 4 epic tracks on it. Sherwood is a busy guy. He was asked to … Continue reading

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