GlerAkur – “Can’t You Wait”

GlerAkur-CantYouWait“Can’t You Wait” is a fairly accurate title for this 3 song, 24 minute EP by GlerAkur from Iceland. The EP is not in a hurry to go anywhere…at all. Drone is certainly an element of their sound but there’s some industrial as well. The title track sounds like Alcest jamming with Godflesh while trying out the same riff for six minutes. It’s fine for a while but if you expect something to actually happen, you’re gonna have a bad time.

“Polycide” is different in that GlerAkur use an acoustic guitar for this track. It’s a nice mood piece and actually pretty but like the title track, it never really goes anywhere. “Willocide” is the true 10 minute drone with a lot of atmosphere but again not much action. All in all, the EP is a lot like a car revving its engine while in neutral. You expect to eventually go somewhere but you never leave the parking lot. It turns out that I can’t wait.

Rating: 5/10

1. Can’t You Wait
2. Polycide
3. Willocide

Label: Prophecy Productions

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