Zombie Picnic -“A Suburb of Earth”

Zombie PicnicIreland’s Zombie Picnic are far more picnic than zombie. Their post rock style relies on an old school psych rock backdrop which is bright and fun. Their name might make you think they have something omnious to them but that’s not the case. The band have more in common with bands like Mogwai or God is an Astronaut if they were filtered thru “Voyage 34″-era Porcupine Tree.

The first track, The B141 Frequency,” is a bouncy, breezy number with some great melodies and hooks. It does have some samples but most of them are not too annoying. Some are a bit distracting though. Having a typewriter in your right ear can be a little odd! The spoken samples from Arthur C. Clarke on “The Adamite Bomb” are a bit too dominant since the track is quite mellow, it relies heavily on said samples. While I know the album uses things like 50s beat poets and 60s news pieces, it can be a little more than I care for personally.

That damn typewriter is back for the intro to “The Cylindrical Sea.” Prior to the first riff, the guitars sound a bit like an alarm. Clever yes, but a bit annoying too. That first riff is awesome but it’s gone too quick and the track kinda mellows out from there. The track has a nice vibe to it and some tasteful guitar work.

“The Rama Committee” finishes out the album and the track has more punch to it than any track on the album. Still, I wouldn’t call it heavy or even overly aggressive. It’s more like a person clearing their voice than yelling something. The track reminds me of pre-Dark Side Floyd in vibe and the way Zombie Picnic jam.

Zombie Picnic show they are very aware of themselves and what they should do. Too many bands fall victim to trying way too hard to impress on their first album. While many others are still looking for a direction. On “A Suburb of Earth,” Zombie Picnic put their best foot forward and I will be curious to see what their next step will be.

Rating: 8/10

1. The B141 Frequency 11:30
2. The Adamite Bomb 8:23
3. The Cylindrical Sea 07:43
4. The Rama Committee 10:46

Bandcamp: zombiepicnic1.bandcamp.com

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    New sounds to check out! Cheers !

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