Third Ion – “Biolith”

THIRD IONJuly 8th brings the new release from Canadian progressive metal band Third Ion called “Biolith.” This release continues to showcase the band’s love of prog-metal and video games and my mind instantly draws a connection to Last Chance To Reason who share the same love. I’ve not delved into this concept (yet) but the sonic information is enough with which to be impressed.

The next quick connection I find is between Third Ion and Zero Hour – the music is busy but after repeated listens there is a flow and a logic behind it all. The attack is very deliberate, the riffs are purposeful and the production is sharp and in your face but not over the top (read: no loudness wars).

New vocalist Dave Padden (Annihilator) has a great baritone range which fits well with this genre and writes some hooky lines and excellent harmonies (case in point: track 6). It’s obvious that Justin Bender (guitars/keys), Mike Young (bass/keys) and Aaron Edgar (drums) are beyond talented on their instruments. I’m hearing some Hammond organ on track 2 “Cosmic Delusion” and it fits just right, a combo of retro sounds plus some more computerized synth sounds. My guess is that these songs aren’t just thrown together but composed very deliberately and we should thank Third Ion for that. Ah, there’s 8bit sounds to begin the epic title track!

If you love challenging progressive metal full of tempo changes, lots of riffs, ridiculous syncopation (the drums on track 4? Good grief!), please check out “Biolith.” No need to apply here if you are looking for tech-death or metalcore marketed as prog-metal because this is the real deal – strong vocal melody and harmonies, instrumental interplay, and no blast beats. Don’t sleep on this one you guys.

Rating: 8/10

1. State of Flux
2. Cosmic Delusion
3. Biolith
4. Status Undetermined
5. Illogical
6. Lesson Burned
7. Temporal Divide
8. Corpus Solaris

Label: Glasstone Records

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