Face the Day – “Corroding Dreams”

ftdProg from Prague. I’ve wanted to say that since I started this page. Face the Day are a modern prog band from that fine city and their debut “Corroding Dreams” sounds like something you’d hear from a seasoned band. It’s shocking how fully realized this band is and there’s a lot to love about this album.

Face the Day are a duo with Filip Kittnar on drums and Martin Schuster on everything else. Kittnar is critic to the success of this album too. I hate canned drums and Kittner is a great player who drives the songs along as needed and even gets to step out a bit at the end of “Cross the Line,” which works well since the song is otherwise quite controlled. Schuster is a really good vocalist and plays some very melodic solos throughout “Corroding Dreams.”

The key to this album is the songwriting. These are really good, really memorable songs. The arrangements are excellent, the production is quite good as well. You can hear each instrument clearly and there aren’t a ton of layers cluttering up the songs. This allows each song to really show itself. The big opening track “Changes” is a fine example. It has a memorable chorus that comes back throughout the track, yet because the song is an epic, it contains various atmospheric sections. You never get lost though. The hooks are that strong.

Minor point of contention for me was the arrangement for “Circle.” It’s a great song but I would have had the drums come in sooner and been more dramatic as well. Still, that’s really nitpicking on my part. Face the Day always seem to pick the right approach. The main keyboard line on “Losing the Anima (Phase 1)” is a perfect example. Not only is it melodic but they use the right sound for the riff itself.

The sequencing of the album is also very well thought out. Too many bands don’t put enough time into getting a good flow. The album starts with the epic so finishing with the pensive “Stillness of the Sea” is a perfect move. Face the Day let you ease your way out of the album and it works. Fans of Porcupine Tree, Riverside, and any quality modern prog band will find “Corroding Dreams” a richly rewarding listen.

Rating: 9/10

1. Changes
2. Cross The Line
3. Losing The Anima (phase 1)
4. Circle
5. Losing The Anima (phase 2)
6. The Purpose
7. Stillness Of The Sea

Bandcamp: facetheday.bandcamp.com

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