Kindler – “Cosmic Revelations”

KindlerKindler are a band from North Carolina that bill themselves as experimental. I don’t really hear anything experimental about “Cosmic Revelations” at all. Perhaps some of the approaches the band takes vocally could be called “risky” but this album is fairly standard otherwise.

Kindler write solid songs with good melodies and the trio can play. They aren’t about to bowl you over with technique but there’s enough going on musically that they do hold your interest. The problem for me is that the vocals get grating after a while. They are quite dramatic and on “Scars,” I just can’t take them at all. By the time I got to “The Savior, the Saint,” I was a bit weary of the histrionics. “Eden” seems to take things into an even more manic direction by the end of that track.

On the plus side, I like that the sound is stripped down because it suits them well. But that does put the spotlight squarely on the vocals which if you like them, you will really like the album. There’s no question that Kindler are talented. I do think “Cosmic Revelations” is a solid album but certainly not a “revelation.”

Rating: 7/10

1. Aphasia
2. Mourning Ours
3. Waves
4. Light and Ash
5. Remembrance
6. Ironheart
7. Scars
8. The Savior, the Saint
9. Eden
10. Space Euphoria
11. Cosmic Revelations


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