Rank ‘Em: Enslaved (English speaking) Studio Albums


Enslaved have become one of my favorite prog metal bands. Yes their roots are very much in black metal and viking metal but as they have matured, their albums have gotten more and more progressive. I thought this would be a good way to get more people into this amazing band. I am only doing their English speaking albums. This is not because I don’t like bands that sing in other languages. This is more because their earlier albums just weren’t very prog. So here are the rankings!


8. Monumension (2001)
This album was their first to be sung in English and it still has much more to do with viking and black metal. It’s a solid album and does point the direction which they would be going but it’s far from the path of prog.



7. Below the Lights (2003)
This is really the album that brought the prog influences into play. The songs are stronger and the playing is even tighter. “The Crossing” is a great epic.


6. Ruun (2006)
5. Isa (2004)
These two albums flip-flop for me. They are the first two classic albums for the band. I tend to prefer “Isa” simply for the 12 minute “Neogenesis” alone. “Ruun” didn’t really progress enough from “Isa” but it is a very consistent album.



4. Vertebrae (2008)
“Vertebrae” is a LOCK at number 4 and honestly it can even slip upward to 3 for me but NEVER lower. This album has some amazing songs. Ivar’s songwriting had really matured by this point and the album really has a Floydian undercurrent to it.



3. In Times (2016)
This album deserves to be higher but the problem is that I have a special love for the two albums that preceded it. The title track, “Daylight” and “Building With Fire” rank among my favorite Enslaved songs. Like the top 2 albums, I consider this one perfection.



2. Axioma Ethica Odini (2010)
It’s hard to not rank this album at #1 because like “In Times,” it is perfect as well. “Ethica Odini” kicks it off and rips your head off. “Giants,” “Night Sight,” and “Lightening” are three of my favorite songs by them. Just amazing stuff.



1. RIITIIR (2012)
I am giving the nod to “RIITIIR” because not only does it have some of my favorite tracks in “Thoughts Like Hammers,” “Roots of the Mountain,” and the epic “Forsaken.” It also has my favorite Enslaved song, “Death In the Eyes of Dawn.” That’s the deciding factor!

If you are a fan, I’d love to know your list. If you are unfamiliar with Enslaved, see how this list works for you. I’d love to know the outcome.

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3 Responses to Rank ‘Em: Enslaved (English speaking) Studio Albums

  1. Steve says:

    I would say for overall impact, I agree with your #1 choice. Riitiir was my first enslaved experience and when I began to realize just how good it is, was looking back now, one of the most important moments in my music listening life thus far.

    #2 I’m going with Ruun. It’s the most accessible of the modern era releases, and therefore lends itself to a more casual listening approach and more repeat listens. It’s always the album I recommend to someone new to the band.

    3. Isa. Bounded by allegiance is my all time favorite enslaved song and the title track gives me an adrenaline surge like few others.

    4. Very tough choice between axioma and in times. Love them both. As a whole I give slight edge to in times.

    6. Vertebrae. The solo in ground is truly epic. Restless and the watcher are also great tracks, but the rest of the album is the only one of the ones I mentioned that doesnt do a whole lot for me…

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