Vmthanaachth – “Fit Secundum Regulam”

a1571313411_16Based on the band’s name and even the album title, you might assume that Vmthanaachth are a black metal band. They are not. Based on the fact that there are only three tracks on “Fit Secundum Regulam” all of which are almost 18 or well over that mark, you might assume they are a prog band. They are not. They are a musical collective who play a brand of contemporary classical music that sounds like it is pure improv.

First off, improv can be absolutely amazing or it can be some of the worst shit you’ve ever heard. If you’ve heard King Crimson perform improv at their shows, you have a good idea of how great it can be. The problem with Vmthanaachth is that it sounds like a bunch of classical musicians tuning up for 18 minutes at a time. The key to music like this is for it not to sound random. Musicians should feed off each other’s energy versus guessing at notes or just playing whatever notes are thrown on a page. This lacks the pioneer vibe that experimental music has. This is weird for the sake of weird versus having a point or direction for that matter.

At it’s best this music could be the sound of your nightmares. At worst, it’s fucking excruciating. The problems seem to happen because this never feels like a “band” but rather like some random musicians trying to get on the same page and never quite getting there. The quieter moments are ignorable and the louder moments seem designed to get your attention back.

If you like hearing violins squeal or the grinding of a bow on a cello, this album is for you. The good news is that buying this album goes to some very good causes. “Twenty-five percent of all proceeds from digital album sales will be donated to the Fort Worth Academy of Fine Arts to assist their music program. An additional fifty percent of digital album proceeds will make its way to the Protective Animal League, a spay and neuter group (NGO) in North Texas, involved in the health and welfare of cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies. These truly are causes worthy of donation. The remaining revenue from digital sales will be put toward future Vmthanaachth releases.” So even if you don’t like it, it still pays to support music, even in its strangest forms.

Rating: 2/10

1. For the End of the Mother of Abominations 17:45
2. At the Mouth of Urborg/Coruscating Bicarbonate Skeuomorph 20:18
3. Dark Wiccan 18:08

Bandcamp: vmthanaachth.bandcamp.com

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