Klone re-issue 3 albums via Pelagic Records!

Klone have teamed with Pelagic Records to not only re-issue three of their albums on CD but two of them will be available on vinyl for the first time! “The Dreamer’s Hideway,” “Black Days” and “The Eye Of Needle” will be available in CD format with unreleased live bonus tracks on each. “The Dreamer’s Hideway” and “Black Days” are available on vinyl!

Klone have a fantastic sound and each of these albums are favorites of mine with “The Eye of Needle” EP being possibly my overall favorite of all of their releases. They are one of the best prog bands from France, so it’s great to see these albums getting re-issued. Hopefully this will get them even more attention.

To order any of these:
“The Dreamer’s Hideaway” (CD): http://pelagic-records.com/?p=7222
“The Dreamer’s Hideaway” (2xLP): http://pelagic-records.com/?p=7214
“Black Days” (CD): http://pelagic-records.com/?p=7220
“Black Days” (2xLP): http://pelagic-records.com/?p=7217
“The Eye As Needle (CD): http://pelagic-records.com/?p=7550

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